Seesaw- Student Driven Digital Portfolios

Seesaw provides a safe and robust way to compile your students’ digital and analog work into online portfolios.

Features include importing photos, videos, text, drawings, PDFs, and even links. Most popular apps will import content directly.

Seesaw is always free to educators, with additional paid features starting at $120/year. However, the basic “forever free” version is full of useful features including the ability to have two teachers with 10 classes- awesome for co-teachers and secondary education.

With the blogging feature, students will engage with an authentic audience of parents, families, classmates. Students can comment on their peers’ work generating real feedback. Teachers control who sees which work, and all comments are approved beforehand. A public blog can be set up, expanding student work on a global scale using Seesaw Connected Blogs.

Students can use the recordable whiteboard feature to capture the learning process and explain how they came to a solution or reflect on their learning.

Using QR codes for younger students allows for quick access- no memorizing complicated log in sequences. Just a flash of their code on the web cam and they’re in.

Paid features include assessment and private notes and posts that are not available to parents.

** Updated- 4/19/2017: Seesaw now integrates with G Suite (Google Apps for Education.)

Seesaw has a great help section, including PD in Your PJs. Check out this great webinar on Seesaw and Sketchnotes with the amazing Sylvia Duckworth.



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