ISTE Teacher Standards

Educational technology is not about the device, software, or platform.

Teaching using educational technology is at its root about making connections with students, colleagues, and parents as human beings in the digital age.

ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) has developed rigorous standards for teachers, administrators, instructional coaches, and students. None of the standards talk about proficiency using word processing or spreadsheets, coding or programming. The standards are about inspiring, promoting, facilitating, designing & developing, modeling and engaging using technology.

The five standards for teachers are:

  1. Facilitate and inspire student learning and creativity
  2. Design and develop digital age learning experiences and assessments
  3. Model digital age work and learning
  4. Promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility
  5. Engage in professional growth and leadership

Notice that 21st Century Skills are not mentioned anywhere in ISTE standards. It is well into the 17th year of the 21st Century. 21st Century Skills are just skills. 21st Century Learning is just learning. My colleagues laugh when I say this, probably because I say it too often.

Where are your strengths according to the ISTE Teacher Standards? Where do you see needing to focus your efforts for growth?

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