ISTE Coach Standards

Instructional coaches for technology are becoming more prevalent to begin to bridge the gap between where schools, teachers, and students are to where they should be. The ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Coach Standards outline key strands of successful leadership, teaching/learning, professional development, and professional growth.

Visionary leadership: Tech coaches work with stakeholders to develop a shared vision for technology integration for all students and teachers.

Teaching, learning, and assessments: Coaches assist teachers in developing rigorous educational experiences and assessments for students by modeling and coaching using a wide variety of strategies, engagements, and tools.

Digital age learning environments: Coaches maximize student learning in all modalities by modeling classroom management, maintaining digitals and resources for students and teachers, evaluate use of adaptive and assistive technologies, troubleshoot problems, and collaborate with teachers and administrators.

Professional development and program evaluation: Tech coaches conduct needs assessments, professional learning programs, and evaluate effective practices of teachers and examine technology implications of student learning.

Digital Citizenship: Tech coaches model and promote equitable access to technology, model and facilitate ethical use of digital information and technologies, and promote diversity and global understanding by collaborating locally and globally with stakeholders and the larger digital community.

Content knowledge and professional growth: Technology coaches are familiar with and demonstrate competence in pedagogy, content, as well as the areas of adult learning and leadership. Continual learning is necessary to implement student, teacher, and administrator ISTE standards.

What do you see as the impact of the ISTE Coach Standards on your practice? How will you continue your professional growth and improve content knowledge? What tools do you use to conduct program evaluation? Do you work with other coaches to reflect on your programs at the end of the year?

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